Vitor Santos

Ao Dispor desde Julho de 2015

Sr(a) Vitor Santos

Software Engineering. Web & Mobile Development. UX & UI Planning. Startups Development.

10 € por hora

Hello! My name is Vitor and I am someone who strives to be curious, to give shape to dreams and to build things that are timeless. I believe that curiosity is the first step to build something truly remarkable. By listening to people's problems and to learn everything from everywhere, I become richer each time I propose myself to make other people's lives better. After that, discussing ideas and planning each step to make the solution for the problem, real. When everything is done, I make it to be future proof, earning others's trust and friendship. It's very important today to help others, to count with their help when needed. Currently I do my work related to my degree, in Computer Engineering. My experience in different situations allows me to have a multidisciplinary job and enhance myself, not only in my technical knowledge, but also in soft skills, team management and personal development. Having to work, not only with computer engineers but also with people with other competences, allows me to have that world view. Besides my technical knowledge, I offer my dedication and motivation to help other people to reach their personal and collective goals. From my contact exchange between my network and my availability to provide opportunities to others, for everyone's gain; I discovered a source of pleasure and passion to further enhance my abilities, to continue to pursue a better future for all. For the future I would like to improve myself, both in engineering and outside of it. It's very important to not only remain relevant in my field but also have a better point of view to comprehend and find problems, for the sake of context and determined application of solutions.

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