Patrícia Campaniço

Ao Dispor desde Dezembro de 2014

Sr(a) Patrícia Campaniço

Life Executive Coach

30 € por hora

I am an empathetic and passionate Development and Empowerment Facilitator, which seeks to boost our self-sufficiency and freedom of thoughts and actions, through genuine experiences of personal discovery and sharing I’m always looking for new and creative ideas and projects to challenge me and contribute to my personal and professional development. I look forward to meeting you, to exchange ideas and maybe create new projects. Coaching is a method of learning and development of mental and emotional skills aimed to achieve goals and get results. It is an intersubjective process through which an individual (coachee) enlists the help of an interlocutor (the coach) in order to be followed in the various dimensions of their personal and professional development. Through a series of exercises, conversations and challenges, the learner is helped to discover the path to personal satisfaction and balance, trying to realize their goals and be happy.

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